Our Purpose

To Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle:

We aim to provide children with a framework that promotes their physical wellbeing which then enhances their mental health.


To create an accessible, affordable and integrated model of service to ensure that all of the EYLF outcomes are being achieved.

Basic Motor Skills (Sport)

Balancestix Yoga

Basic Human Movement (babies)

Music +Movement

T&G HIIT Class (High Intensity Interval Training)


Once a week T&G run educational sports program – Basic Motor Skills and BalanceStix Yoga – to stimulate the early learner’s gross motor skills and mindfulness. 

No matter what your centre needs are, our Sports and Yoga programs will provide the support and tools necessary for optimal development.



Move, Shake & Groove

Based around the E.Y.L.F., the sessions are highly joyful and interactive allowing the children to be educated and entertained simultaneously. The programme provides positive learning and self-esteem for the participants through the use of  song and dance. The children are therefore learning about themselves and the world around them. Each sessions concludes with Yoga/Relaxation song, bringing the children back to a peaceful, self-loving and calm state of being. The use of puppets, instruments and bright colours engages the children’s five senses and weekly repetition of themes and songs give children confidence.


TiGiS live online classes enable us to provide a classroom-like session online. This safe and fun solution ensures that children can enjoy their weekly sports activity from their classroom or homes despite COVID-19 regulations. 


TiGiS Fun Fitness for Kids is a range of fun and interactive pre-recorded videos.   

The series is designed to get everyone active so that no child misses out on developing their fundamental motor skills.

TiGiS sparks imagination through disguising a range of sport activities and exercises as animal movements or fun everyday tasks.  

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T&G host sport birthday parties which are suitable for  boys and girls of all ages. Our parties are tailored to the needs and  interests of the birthday boy/girl and their guests. We provide high energy activities with fun games and lots of equipment, which is sure to get everyone buzzing!  

Our sport coaches will travel to a venue of your choice or can recommend a venue (park, backyard, gymnasium)! We have no limit to the amount of guests, all you need to do it bring your running shoes and a big smile!