Director of Operations

Nickname: Gidz

Hobbies: Soccer, golf, playing guitar & gardening

Favourite sport: Soccer

Hero: My dad

Superpower I wish I had: Time travel 

Director of Coaching

Nickname: Tim

Hobbies: Soccer, movies, cooking

Favourite sport: Soccer

Hero: My mum

Superpower I wish I had: See into the future

Head Coach

Nickname: Coops

Hobbies: Surfing, bike riding, video games

Favourite sport: Basketball

Hero: The Hulk

Superpower I wish I had: A super brain; I want to be able to read minds and absorb ALL information presented to me 

Move, Shake & Groove

Nickname: Clare-Bear

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Kick Boxing and Fitness

Favourite Muisician: Lady Gaga

Hero: My Mum 

Superpower: Definitely cloning myself so I can get more done and be in multiple places at one time. OR teleportation

Move, Shake & Groove

Nickname: Meggie

Hobbies: reading, watching movies, finding to new music and playing basketball

Favourite Musician: Katy Perry

Hero: My grandma

Superpower I wish I had: to be able to speak & understand every language!

Move, Shake & Groove

Nickname: Pari

Hobbies: Playing piano and teaching myself guitar!!

Favourite Musician: Christina Aguilera

Hero: My dad

Superpower I wish I had: flying!!!

Move, Shake & Groove

Nickname: Don’t really have one

Hobbies: Piano, Meditation, Listening to Podcasts, Mindful Art

Favourite Musician: Jennifer Lopez

Hero: My mum

Superpower: Hyper intelligence – to be able to learn everything and do everything and do it all well

Move, Shake & Groove

Nickname: Liv

Hobbies: Playing instruments, drawing and reading 

Favourite Musician: Paul McCartney 

Hero: My best friend 

Superpower I wish I had: To fly!!